About Us

About Us

Indus Biotech is a consumer healthcare products research company headquartered in Pune, India. It was founded in 1997 and focuses on identifying and developing a new generation of consumer healthcare products for Autoimmune, CNS, Infectious and Lifestyle diseases.

Indus Biotech presently has clinically tested and marketed products in exercise physiology and an impressive pipeline of innovative products that are ready-to-launch.

Indus Biotech has an innovative discovery and development paradigm that generates safe and efficacious products from food-chain raw materials that can effectively address the continuum of consumer healthcare spanning preservation of health, performance enhancement, risk reduction for disease susceptibility and therapeutics.

Indus Biotech implements a unique business model that facilitates short-term revenue generation, while enabling long-term value creation.

Vision & Values

We endeavor to lead in creating safe and efficacious consumer healthcare products.

We accomplish this through our innovative translational product discovery and development paradigm for:

  • Preservation of health;
  • Performance enhancement;
  • Risk mitigation for disease; and
  • Therapeutics.


Discovery Model

Conventional drug discovery model - high-cost, high-risk and uncertain

The cost of drug discovery has ballooned to $1.3 billion[1]. The number of approvals of new drugs has significantly reduced. Nearly 43% of drug candidates fail due to efficacy problems, 33% due to safety concerns, and 11% due to pharmacokinetic issues during development [2]. Further, approved and marketed drugs are being withdrawn due to concerns regarding long-term safety, with 94% of such withdrawals due to toxicity[2].

Regulatory agencies are also seeking longer clinical studies in larger populations due to increased safety concerns. This has escalated the cost of drug discovery, driving the focus of Research & Development (R&D) primarily on "billion dollar" indications. Recovery of drug discovery investments today is only from highly priced and insurance reimbursed regulated markets such as USA, EU and Japan, which contribute as much as 80% of the market value [3]. Rest of the world (ROW) with 85% of the population represents only 20% of the market. This market bias defeats equitable and inclusive drug discovery. Indications like Malaria, Dengue and Tuberculosis are neglected. A disruptive innovation model is required to change the existing drug discovery paradigm for addressing this inequity.


  • Highly expensive
  • Highly uncertain
  • Highly risky

Indus Biotech's Discovery and Development Paradigm

Indus Biotech's unique discovery and development paradigm creates ways to mitigate late stage failure of drugs due to safety and efficacy reasons, while reducing the net cost of discovery. We use a disease-based model, prospecting for products from food chain raw materials, with established safety and physiological activity and used for human consumption over millennia. This unique approach mitigates the uncertainty of a future safety failure at an early stage of development.

Indus Biotech's paradigm is disease-based and starts with in-vivo screening (wet pharmacology) of products for assessing the safety and efficacy in living beings. Researchers across the world have started realizing the importance of an in-vivo driven discovery model [4]. Early in-vivo screening helps in assessing the multiple target activity and potential side effects. This approach has also proven that development cost can be reduced without compromising the science.

Another advantage of Indus Biotech's model is the possibility of early proof-of-concept studies to understand human safety and efficacy response, thus establishing confidence in the potential of a product before incurring the high cost of regulated clinical trials. Since the products are derived from food chain raw materials and not chemically synthesized, preclinical safety profile and efficacy results create convincing evidence to conduct a human proof-of-concept study in accordance with ethical and legal requirements.

Last but not least, the United States Food and Drug Administration has established new guidelines for Botanical drugs that allow Indus Biotech to work on drug substances with assured therapeutic consistency. This regulation offers significant cost reduction in drug manufacture by permitting poly-molecular assays with benign impurity profile, which is generally the case when starting from food chain raw material. In contrast, the synthesis of a New Chemical Entity (NCE) requires sophisticated and costly manufacturing process steps for limiting toxic impurities to significantly low levels.

Other benefits:

  • Green products - will necessitate increasing green cover
  • Impact migration patterns due to rapid urbanization
  • Make agriculture a resurgent way of life


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Indus Biotech is a consumer healthcare products company that develops innovative healthcare solutions and products of botanical origin. The company has several products that are ready to market and a deep pipeline of products under various stages of development.

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